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Impulse! Records was an American based jazz record label, originally launched in 1960 by Creed Taylor as a subsidiary of ABC-Paramount Records in New York CityJohn Coltranewas Impulse!’s first major signing and the label came to be known in retrospect as “the house that Trane built”. [1]

Most Impulse! albums were produced by Bob Thiele who joined the company after Taylor left to head Verve Records, assisted by the sound engineer, Rudy Van Gelder.

Impulse! releases are known for their distinctive design, dominated by black and orange on the sleeve spine and record label. Impulse! LPs had a distinctive, sparse back cover design with the slogan, “The New Wave of Jazz is on IMPULSE!”. The company is perhaps best remembered as a free jazz label. New recordings from the label ceased in the late 1970s, but ABC-Paramount Records kept putting out reissues of classic albums until the company was sold to MCA Records in 1979.*


This is the definitive resource and gateway for all things IMPULSE!

No albums are posted here… 



* Via Wikipedia




  1. what happened to the blog?

  2. It has gone…

  3. i love jazz!!!

  4. It would be wonderful to have the password for your wonderful blog… How can I have it ?
    I’m a very BIG FAN of JAZZDISPOSITION and I’d love to be one of yours !!! Please write me back !!!
    Thanx Dude

  5. john coltrane the best¡¡¡¡

  6. Hi,

    I’m sad to see the need for password protection on the great Impulse site now. I posted a couple of things when you were in the early (and very fast) stages of the blog, and would love to see how everything looks now. Any chance you could send me the password please?

    Thanks in advance…


  7. Permalink

  8. Have a Merry Xmas


    has this been removed?????

  10. Same for me – is there a way to get in? Do I have to prove my reliability somehow? Do I have to guess the password ’cause it’s got to do something with Impulse?? 🙂

  11. Was looking to see if anyone had posted Sam Rivers’ Sizzle yet, and, lo, you’ve gone and hid yourself. I’m sorry it’s come to that, but I’d still love to contribute, and feel free to stop by All This Steam to see what’s up there.


  12. Hi guys!

    I would love to share the posts in these blog.
    I’m sharing CTI, MPS … and just started to read Ashley Kahn, about IMPULSE!

    Is a way to access it?

    Jazz Vibes

    • orangeandblackspines
    • Posted January 14, 2009 at 3:35 pm
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    Sizzle by sam rivers is here

    Dont ask again as this blog is now dead and no longer mointored…
    See here now:

    Dont thank me just contribute where you can.


  13. I’m a huge music fan. Run a show on community radio in Australia. Any chance of the password to your blog. I heard it is worth while.

    Many thanks

  14. Ciao! Più di 1 anno che ha seguito la grande blog “JazzDisposition” e vorrei continuare. È possibile inviare una password?

    • Paulo Mauricio Pimen
    • Posted August 3, 2009 at 1:13 am
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    You could me one invitation for the blog?
    Tank you

  15. is this blog closed or is it protected? can i get a password please? thanks!!!

  16. Hi U there !

    I’ve been sadly suprised when i tried to look back for Jazzdisposition blog…There were such pearls in this space !!!!
    Is it possible please (if it’s the good place to ask for) to grant me an access to this blog, as i could discover other new pearls…
    Thanks again for all the pleasure you share and have a nice week !

    • orangeandblackspines
    • Posted September 26, 2009 at 1:32 pm
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    Nothing to see here move along…

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